DEKA SmartLipo

Pulse and Wavelength: The Perfect Synergy for Laserlipolysis®
DEKA is the first company in the world to have invented an innovative method for removing localised fat deposits: Laserlipolisi®. Through the exploitation of a specific 1064 nm wavelength and an exclusive pulse shape, DEKA has perfected a minimally invasive laser treatment that stands out from the rest. This unparalleled achievement stems from over ten years of research, publications, and case studies.

Laserlipolysis® is indicated for treating localized fat deposits in specific body zones and is extremely effective in areas where diet and physical exercise fail to attain positive results. It is even possible to treat the more delicate areas for which traditional liposuction is not normally recommended, such as lower eyelids, cheeks, double-chin, arms, inner thighs, knees, back, upper abdomen and mons pubis.

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