Privacy Policy


EBS medical uses cookies and collects data via our website Our policy regarding the collection of data as well as personal information and data and the use of this, we collect through our website and other digital services. Purpose: The purpose of collecting personal information is solely to provide the best possible service on our website and is used to improve the experience of our website and possibly. other platforms. By using our website and other services, you agree to our policies and guidelines, described in this document, regarding our use of personal data. Use of data: You may be asked to provide personal data when you visit our website with associated services. We may subsequently use this information to contact you. We can ask for example name or phone number but are not only limited to this. Data logging: Data logging is an expression of the data that is registered and sent from your browser and other apps. when you visit our website. This is quite normal for website to collect this information. Data logging can i.a. include information about your browser or app. you use which pages you visit, date and time of the visit and the length of your visit. We use Google Analytics, which collects and logs data, these are used to analyze which pages are visited the most and used exclusively for statistics. What do we use your data for? The personal information you provide may be used to send newsletters or contact you in person.


However, this requires that you actively accept that we contact you. You can opt out of this service at any time. Simply make us aware that you no longer want us to contact you. Cookies: Cookies are small text files that are saved by your browser when you visit our website and are sent automatically to your browser. This may be information about what information you have searched for on our site. This may contain anonymous data. Cookies collect anonymous information about users' movements. The small text files indicate which pages you have visited and enable our page to work faster for you. We may also use data to improve our website. If you do not want cookies to be stored on your device, you can turn off cookies in the settings on your browser. You can also choose that your device asks every time if cookies may be saved, you will then be asked in each case if you want to accept the use of cookies. You should be aware that if you refuse cookies, there may be parts of the website that will not work properly. Our privacy policy and changes thereto: We reserve the right to change our privacy policy on an ongoing basis. This edition is valid from the date written at the beginning of this document and is valid until the second release.


Therefore, you should regularly visit this site and make sure that you can always accept our policy. If you accept our policy, you also accept the content of this page. Security: When data is collected and data is sent over the Internet, it is never 100% secure. We do our part to take good care of your data and ensure that when you send personal information to us, your data only belongs to us. However, we can not guarantee that there will be no breach, even if the safety features we use are recognized. If you have provided us with personal information before and no longer want us to have this information, you can contact us at any time and request that we delete your information. Complaints: You can complain about our method of processing your personal data at any time. To complain, you must contact the Danish Data Protection Agency on their website, here you will find their contact information