SkinRex Hydroimpact

The world’s first Hydrogen skin care treatment
Free radical is the cause of all kinds of illness and main reason of aging.
Hydroimpact treatment is essentially healthy and natural way to remove the free radical accumulated in the body without using the chemical and medical method.


Our product is the most effective way to eliminate free radical and 2 hand-piece built with exceptionally strong hydrogen water-jet system, yet easy to use, Hydroimpact is fast, safe, healthy and easy to maintain.
Hydro-W hand-piece with patented design, saturate the water with up to 1,200ppb (1.2ppm) of dissolved hydrogen gas, directly eliminate the fundamental cause of aging, wrinkle, pigmentation and acne through the hydrogen water-jet.


The powerful hydrogen water-jet exfoliate, get rid of the waste in the pores, black head and absorb residues of water and dead skin cell at the same time, leave you feeling fresh and clean.
After the Hydro-W treatment, the nutrients can be easily absorbed into the skin by Electroporation and Medium frequency help revitalize your skin as well as improve your wrinkle and rough skin.


Hydro-W/Hydro-E hand-piece display yellow and red color to help minimize pore size, elasticity, restrain melanin and collagen production.