Diaphotonie is a unique new technology developed by Dynamic Research International engineers in Belgium, in close collaboration with the medical profession and the University of Louvain la Neuve.


It is a patented, safe, innovative and unique slimming and rejuvenation technology that stimulates the natural processes of cell renewal and lipolysis (fat release).


The action of Diaphotonie is based on the unique combination of a specific radiation located in the near infrared range. It allows for in-depth action by stimulating the cells located in the sub-dermal layers involved in the processes of ageing and skin slackening, but also in the removal of fat. This filtered radiation allows a much more effective action than all the technologies already present on the aesthetic market. This technology respects the natural functioning of the body and the cells; it does not harm any cell. It only boosts the natural metabolism of the cells in an unprecedented and spectacular way, without any major contraindication. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated through tests and clinical studies (Dr. R. Blairvacq's clinic, Dr. Maes, Dr. Pierrard, Dr. Tartovskii, etc.).


The Diasculpt device (made in Belgium), which uses this Diaphotonie technology, provides an effective slimming device and a high-performance anti-ageing device in a single piece of equipment. The performance of the Diaphotonie ensures visible slimming and anti-ageing results from the very first session