DEKA Stimul 1340

The LEPs with STIMUL 1340 aid advanced methodology of exogenous stimulation of the nerve endings of the skin.

This method consists of the use of STIMUL 1340 an Nd:YAP Laser with a 1340-nm wavelength capable of penetrating the skin in a targeted manner without any risks . The cerebral responses of the LEPs are correlated to the activation of the A-δ and C nociceptors.

laser stimulation takes place in a no-touch manner without activating the mechanoreceptors with a low excitation threshold connected to the A-δ fibres.

A high number of studies investigated LEPs as nociceptive response. These studies show that lasers are the gold standard systems capable of reaching very short stimulation times (from 1 to 20 milliseconds) producing absolutely distinct and clear electrophysiological recordings.

The shorter stimulus duration optimizes the receptor activation times and yields a more synchronous afferent volley, thus providing a stronger spatial temporal summation at central synapses that enhances the intensity of first pain and brain potentials.

The possibility of varying the intensity and the surface of the stimulation allows for separate activation of the different nociceptors (A-δ and C fibers).