DEKA SmartXide² V²LR configuration

The Original Breakthrough Fractional CO₂ Laser System for the MonaLisa Touch® Treatment
SmartXide² V²LR unique and exclusive features make it the optimal solution for GSM (Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause) and genital surgery (such as labioplasty, vaginal reshaping and clitoral unhooding)

Perfect laser-tissue interaction.
An exclusive pulse (D-Pulse) ensures maximum effectiveness without any side effects.


Quick and painless treatment.
The laser energy to the vaginal walls is provided in a non-continuous mode (DOT-Therapy): only a small percentage of vaginal tissue is directly affected by the laser.


Maximum patient adaptability.
The availability of different types of probes to address the specific clinical and/or anatomic needs of individual patients. 360°single use probe available.