Peeling and wrinkle removal devices
IDS SmaXel Co2:

SmaXel is a very attractive and versatile Co2 laser. Perfect for wrinkle removal, peeling, scar removal liver spots, warts and much more. It is the Co2 laser, on the market with the best price/quality ratio and competes directly with fare more expensive devices.
Beside of 50 and 100 mm focus hand pieces the delivery includes a high precision fractional galvanometer scanner with a "random" pattern reducing the heat dissipation and thereby reducing the skin damages and pain during treatment
This laser is very attractive for VLR treatments as well. a manual or auto VLR hand piece can be added to your order. (VLR=Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation)
Wrinkles      Warts
IDS MicroSys Co2:

MicroSys is a fractional Co2 laser with RF function. This refined technic gives even better wrinkle removal and does also offering a Rubbing function. The beam diameter is (100 my) and the ultra high precision galvanometer scanner can make a scan pattern on max. 20X20 mm with up to 2500 dots.
Beside of this, the device can do the same treatments as other Co2 laser, but with much higher precision. A manual or auto VLR (Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation) hand piece can also be added for this setup.
The standard accessories is the same as for the SmaXel
IDS Q-10:

Q-10 is a very powerful Q-switched Nd:yag laser, perfect for tattoo removal as well as other pigment related treatments such as: liver spots, Cafe au Lait spots, freckles etc.
Our standard edition has 4 wavelenghts: 532nm. - 585nm - 650nm and 1064 nm. and has further more a speciel Genesis function which can reach up to 143,3 J/cm2/1064nm

A laser were the price/quality can't be found at other vendors at all!!
MedArt FRx:

One of the few fiber based Co2 laser available. The fiber gives the doctor more flexible movement of the hand piece compared to the articulated arm. The device is perfect for fractional treatment as well as surgical treatments. The laser is delivered with ergonomically scanner and can be oriented both vertical and horizontal (standard). A perfect solution for a transportable system.
MedArt FRx:

Is the same fractional Co2 laser as FRx. but equipped with articulated arm.. Can only be mounted horizontal. Delivered with ergonomically scanner..
Himalaya Medical AL1:

AL1 is a nd:yag q-switched laser made for tattoo removal. We believe that it doesn't have enough power for this, but on the other hand, the device is perfect for carbon  peeling or Hollywood peeling. So if you eager to start with carbon peeling and doesn't want to spend 20K this unit is the right choice.


We're offering a wide selection of professionel lasers and other devices for clinics and hospitals. We're taking care of you and your clinic all the way by making sure that your device always are up to date!

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