Devices for fat reduction
Classys Clatuu α:

Clatuu α is a new fat freezing device replacing the old Clatuu. it's equipped with 2 360o applicators working simultaneously. Standard applicators for stomach and face and can be extended with other types of applicators..

This type of treatment becomes more and more well known and Classys offers this unit for a very competitive price

EBS cannot sell this device in Denmark, call for further information!
MedArt SmartSculpt

SmartSculpt is a surgical method to reduce the fat tissue, A 600my laser fiber will be inserted under the skin in the layer of the fat, the laser burns out the fat. The method is more gentle than traditional operation, with less pain and faster recovery time.
Classys Szicer

Scizer is a HiFu based unit delivering macro focused ultra sound directly in to the fatty deposits in the subcutaneous tissue while cooling at the same time. The method is very secure and gains more and more popular around the clinis

EBS cannot sell this device in Denmark, call for further information!
Himalaya Medical SLIM8:

SLIM8 is a fat freezing device (cryolipolysis), offering standard 4 hand pieces, 2 middle sizes, a small and a big. All hand pieces can work at the same time and has a display on each hand piece, making it easy to monitor the treatment. Each hand piece are supported by LED in the infrared area. Each hand piece has double cooling technology.


We're offering a wide selection of professionel lasers and other devices for clinics and hospitals. We're taking care of you and your clinic all the way by making sure that your device always are up to date!

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